Wash Plus

Wash Plus: $80

  • Foam Cannon pre-wash
  • Hand wash using premium soap
  • Tire degrease
  • Tire dressing applied to tires
  • Optimum Window Sealant
  • Sio2 Spray Sealant (3 months protection)
  • Optional Addons:
  • Add Gyeon Ceramic Window Coating: $30
  • Add Headlight restoration and ceramic coating: $50
  • Add trim restoration: Price based on size.
  • Add layered protection: Price based on size (6 months protection)

Wash plus starts with foaming your vehicle with Adams Car Shampoo using a high end MTM foam cannon to create thick, luxurious suds, this PH neutral soap pulls dirt and grime off your paint without harming any waxes or sealants that may be already applied, next comes the hand wash using the same soap. Adams tire and rubber cleaner is used to degrease and darken tires, CarPro Perl dressing is applied to the freshly cleaned tires. Optimum Optiseal is applied to the window creating a slick water repellant surface that lasts for months.

When it comes to protection Gyeon Wetcoat is applied, this Silica based sealant provides incredible hydrophobic and self cleaning properties for approximately 3 months.